The Top 10 Coffee Shops for Studying in Chicago

By Rhea Patel and Olivia Holmes

It’s almost time to go back to school, which means back to studying for exams and writing long papers. Since you have to do it anyway, might as well have a nice, hot cup of coffee and study in style and comfort! PrintWithMe presents the top ten coffee shops to study at in Chicago:

1) Dollop Coffee & Tea, 4181 N Claredon Ave.

Photo: Dollop Coffee & Tea

This sleek coffee house in Buena Park not only offers delicious coffee, espresso, and tea drinks, but also provides the perfect background for multi-hour study sessions. The abundance of seating options found in the main room, and down the stairs in the back room, means you’ll rarely be left as the odd-person out in musical chairs during exam season. Best of all for collegiate workers, Dollop is known to have super-speedy and reliable Wi-Fi; customers even claim Dollop’s Wi-Fi is faster then their home connection.

2) Ipsento, 2035 N Western Ave.

Photo: Ipsento

Ipsento offers a rich variety of fresh house-roasted brews. In fact, their roasting facility is just down the block and supports not only their own coffee shop but a thriving wholesale business. On top of enjoying a fresh cup of coffee, students can make use of the solid Wi-Fi, comfortable sofas and chairs, and ample power outlets on Ipsento’s second floor.

3) Sip Coffee House, 1223 W Grand Ave.

Photo: Kari H (Yelp)

If you’re looking for a creative space to write, Sip Coffee House should be first on your list.  A converted barbershop, Sip is truly a melting pot of innovation and inspiration. Sip offers reliable dual-band Wi-Fi so that you can complete all school and work related tasks. You can also print here using the PrintWithMe station in the back.

4) Eva’s Cafe, 1447 N Sedgwick St.

Photo: The Real Chicago

This warm coffee joint will make you feel right at home with brick walls, classic “old world” feel, and cozy fireplace. There is an abundance of seating, spacious tables, and power outlets to boot.  On a cold winter’s day the real fireplace is a god-send, and makes Eva’s Café an idyllic cozy spot to crack open some philosophical texts and a bottle of port. And the frosting on the margarita glass: the first PrintWithMe station ever launched can be found in the back of the shop.

5) Wormhole Coffee, 1462 N Milwaukee Ave.

Photo: The Wormhole Coffee

This ’80s-themed rustic coffee shop, has the most unique decor we have seen in a coffee shop in Chicago (they somehow got a DeLorean in there, don’t ask). Clientele range from the “I’ll have my Coffee to go,” commuters to the all-day freelance or student workers, working on their latest poem or documentary film. There is free Wi-Fi, sugary cereal, an abundance of outlets, and a late closing time, which all make The Wormhole one of the most popular study spots in Chicago. They don’t have a printer yet, but we’re trying.

6) New Wave Cafe, 2557 N Milwaukee Ave.


Colorful tiled floors paired with a bright blue ceilings and an old school video game system give New Wave cafe an edgy, yet homey vibe. Unlike many other coffee joints in the neighborhood, space is definitely not an issue for New Wave. There is always a good four feet between you and your immediate neighbor, making your study experience far more relaxing and comfortable.

7) Filter Cafe, 1373 N Milwaukee Ave.

Photo: Filter Cafe

Best described as a giant living room, Filter Cafe is overflowing with creative energy and ridiculously awesome furniture. In case you need even more convincing, every latte comes with a work of art on top, making your experience that much more inspired. With free Wi-Fi, a PrintWithMe printer, and killer music, this hot spot is known to fill up during exam season, so make sure you snag your table early in the day.

8) Star Lounge Cafe, 2521 W Chicago Ave.

Photo: Star Lounge Cafe

The flagship store of Dark Matter Coffee, this funky art-filled cafe serves awesome coffee and some delicious goodies. From tea sandwiches to chocolate filled pastries, we leave feeling stuffed and content every time. Not only are there an abundance of brain food, but also a choice of three seating areas (rooftop, patio, and inside cafe). Star Lounge Cafe really does spoil us.

9) Overflow Coffee Bar, 1550 S State St.

Photo: Sarah S. (Yelp)

“Changing the world one cup at a time!”

Overflow Coffee Bar is one place that never disappoints. Overflow’s specialty and signature drinks and consistent Wi-Fi are the perfect partners for an afternoon intense studying. To top it off, all of the proceeds go to charity. Now you’ll feel even better getting that second cup.

10) Coffee Studio, 5628 N Clark St.

Photo: The Coffee Studio

This modern studio is perfect for the student or working professional who’s on the go and needs a quiet, chic work space. Their large, floor length windows ensure there is plenty of lighting and a happy work environment.

The Top 10 Coffee Shops for Studying in Chicago