The Top 5 Reasons Every Coffee Shop Should Use PrintWithMe

By Rhea Patel and Olivia Holmes

Unsure about partnering with PrintWithMe at your location? Here are the top five reasons you should consider joining the network:

1) Convenience. According to a study conducted by Samsung, printing is the second-most desired amenity among regular coffee shop-goers, right behind wi-fi. Most print visits are transactional and fast, meaning it does not add to the ‘lingering’ behavior that some wi-fi users demonstrate.

2) Cross-Sales. Customers hardly ever visit a coffee shop without purchasing a hot (or cold) cup o’ joe, and our users are no different: on average, users report purchasing another beverage or food-item 80% of the time they visit a coffee shop primarily to print.

3) Low-Touch Involvement. PrintWithMe printers are hassle-free, reliable, and extremely easy-to-use. Therefore, it’s extremely rare that a user engages with staff when conducting their printing.

4) Driving Loyalty. By offering PrintWithMe, your existing customer base will have yet another reason to visit your shop. Indeed, you may not realize it, but a good percentage of your current customers probably visitFedEx Office regularly to print documents. Armed with the knowledge that your coffee shop offers document printing, your users are much more likely to print at your establishment than suffer the underwhelming experience that is FedEx Office.

5) Bringing In New Customers. Hosting a PrintWithMe station in your coffee shop not only drives recurring traffic from existing customers, it also attract new ones. PrintWithMe promotes its printing kiosks through a mix of online advertising, PR, and referral incentives. Placing your pin on our map will undoubtedly drive new customers, some of whom will become regulars.

The Top 5 Reasons Every Coffee Shop Should Use PrintWithMe