Top Three Printing Pain Points for Co-Working Spaces

Co-working has boomed in the last few years to thousands of spaces across the globe. Some say that co-working offices will soon eclipse your standard corporate 9-5 office completely. While co-working is changing the workplace, printing practices have remained in the Dark Ages. As a startup working in a co-working space, we have found solutions for three major issues we have encountered.

  1. Time waste– Community managers are busy. With a constant stream of new members, they often need to explain how to set up their printing system on each device. PWM eliminates this user confusion with simple 3-step instructions on the printer itself. Best of all, users do not need to download any software or drivers. All they need is a device that connects to the internet and their email. We also save you time by managing your device for you whether that means technical support or reordering paper and toner.
  2. Overprinting– Some members of your space may abuse their printing privilege, especially when it comes to color printing. It’s bad for the environment and your bank account. PWM allows spaces to set simple user quotas on free printing. When they exceed the number of sponsored pages, we use an integrated payment system that requires them to pay prior to receiving their documents. We don’t think you should waste your energy on billing your members after the fact or depending on the honor system.
  3. Inconvenient device leases– Many spaces have found themselves trapped in printer leases they cannot afford, but want more functionality and savings. We work with spaces to find the best hardware options for them. We can rent or sell you one of our 3 Brother models. Already locked in? We have developed technology to use our software with many other printing devices that can still save you thousands per year in toner costs. We are committed to your satisfaction and recommend you try using our software on your own device free for a week.

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Top Three Printing Pain Points for Co-Working Spaces