Three Reasons to Switch from Papercut to PrintWithMe

Papercut is a well-known solution in the print software world, but does it work well for co-working spaces? Our analysis and customer interviews show that space managers should be wary of deploying Papercut’s enterprise solution. Papercut was designed for large companies, college campuses, and law & accounting firms that regularly use client bill-backs. Co-working spaces have a different relationship with their members and therefore require different print management tools and capabilities. PrintWithMe can improve on Papercut’s functionality in these core areas:

  1.     Member Onboarding – Papercut requires up to fifteen minutes of onboarding for each new user. That’s a lot of 1-on-1 support. With PrintWithMe’s driverless solution, new members are able to print in seconds, with minimal initial setup. Members simply email their documents to the printer’s PrintWithMe email address.
  2.     Automatic Payment Integration – Papercut requires you to bill manually or purchase a third-party payment system. More money (integrations), more problems.  PrintWithMe has developed its own proprietary payment system, saving spaces from the hassle of setting up a separate payment gateway, and the hassle of entering monthly bill-back line items to members.
  3.     Inventory Management – Papercut can help track if the toner is low, but PrintWithMe takes it a step further and automatically ships supplies such as paper, toner. This relieves space management of more tedious functions and ensures you’re never out of stock of critical supplies that members need to print.

We aren’t just a Papercut alternative; we are a better print solution for co-working spaces. Want to learn more? Check us out here.


Three Reasons to Switch from Papercut to PrintWithMe